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Best football boots for wide feet 2023

Comfort lies ahead. Check out our guide on the best football boots for wide feet and wave goodbye to those sore feet forever.
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8 months ago


best football boots for wide feet

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for the kids, finding the perfect pair of football boots can be a real nightmare. Even more so, when you’ve come to realise there are wide feet involved.

As soon as you start shopping around, you’re confronted with all manner of different surface types, upper materials and elaborate boot packs.

The promise of “fresh, innovative boot tech” can become downright confusing at times, especially if you don't own a dictionary on modern boot jargon; FUZIONFIT360 upper material with a healthy side of zone, anyone?

Modern boots are engineered to enhance certain playing styles and player attributes, which means most of us have to put some real time into finding the perfect pair. For players with wide feet, things become even more difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a quick guide on the best football boots for players with wide feet, so you can make sure you’re always comfortable out on the pitch this season. Right then, let's get cracking.

How do you know if you have wide feet?

how to measure foot size chart uk measurements

First things first, figuring out whether you need wide football boots is important. And it’s relatively simple to do.

You need to measure the length and width of your foot (as above), and then cross-reference the results with a reliable width measurement chart (as below).

To be more specific, the width of your foot should be taken from its widest point (whether this is your toes or midfoot), while it’s always a good idea to do this while wearing your thick football socks.

You’d be amazed at how many players feel uncomfortable on the pitch, simply because they’ve failed to recognise they have wide feet.

Basically, your boots should feel secure without being tight, causing discomfort and you should have enough room to wiggle your toes.

If you need more help, we've got a great guide on our blog for what size football boots you should get.

mens foot width measurement chart uk
womens foot width measurement chart uk

You’ll probably need to check the shoe size chart of the specific brand you’re thinking of buying from, as sizes and fits can fluctuate.

If you’re still uncertain, the most effective way of testing for wide feet is seeing how the boots actually fit.

Trust us, the blisters will soon let you know whether you need some wide-fitting boots or not.

Either way, FOOTY.COM lets you compare prices on all the latest football boots, so you can always ensure that you find the best deals.

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The 10 best football boots for wide feet

10. Nike Premier 3

Image from Nike.

For a long time, the Nike Premier 2 was a stock choice for the more budget aware footballing folk.

It's now had an update, and the Nike Premier 3 is still unbelievable value for wide-footed 'ballers.

Plush k-leather uppers are perfect for moulding to a wider foot, while the soleplate has enough width to support the entire foot comfortably.

The classic black style stays as the flagship colourway, a rival to the Copa Mundial which has dominated this market for thousands of years (well, a few decades at least).

The durability of these Nike boots is superb, once you've worn them in they'll last for many a year of tough tests out on the turf. It's even available in an astro turf option too.

Whilst it's not the most flashy choice on our list of best boots for wide feet, it's certainly a solid option for those who don't want to spend a fortune filling their footy kitbag.

Shop Nike Premier >

9. adidas Predator Accuracy (Low)

Image from GoalInn.

The first new entry to our latest list of the best football boots for wide feet. This year’s adidas Predator Accuracy has more give than previous models.

Bolstered by a two-piece adidas PRIMEKNIT collar, you’ll slip into the ‘Low’ version with ease. The higher cut is still an option, but a slightly tighter squeeze on entry.

Avoid the laceless versions, that will forever remain our advice for all wide-footed players. Of course, the ‘.1’ premium model will also offer maximum give too.

The classic laced fit will offer you a selection of width, giving you the lockdown you prefer. The toe box has room and the split sole has flexibility.

Trusted by Alessia Russo and Jude Bellingham, the Accuracy can perform effortlessly on any stage.

Shop adidas Predator Accuracy >

8. Nike Phantom GX

Image from Nike.

Nike have completely refreshed the Phantom range with the latest Nike Phantom GX. It’s now even more supple and supportive.

We picked out the earlier GT2 as an option (and it still is) but the Flyknit mixed with Gripknit in the GX’s upper have created an environment for broad feet to flourish.

The asymmetry in the uppers allows the natural shape of any foot to be supported, with the lateral laces offering looser or tighter fits.

Whilst the toe box can feel a little pointy, the sides are where the interest lies. And they have enough stretch in them to avoid unwanted rubbing.

This is the boot of Harry Kane, Fran Kirby and Kevin De Bruyne, so we shouldn’t need to add any more to convince you of its quality.

Shop Nike Phantom GX >

7. Diadora Brasil Made In Italy

Image from Pro:Direct Soccer.

Like an untested youngster in a Premier League lineup, this is somewhat of a wildcard inclusion. But the facts are, it’s leather and it’s wide.

Diadora’s ‘Made In Italy’ range uses the finest quality of supple leathers, all built with precision on the Brasil model.

It’s a classic boot, in a similar vein to a Puma King Top, adidas Copa Mundial or Mizuno Morelia. Which ultimately means, it’s comfortable.

One for the purist, the Diadora Brasil looks incredible in legendary hi-vis yellow on black. Yes, hints of prime Roy Keane and Francesco Totti are included.

It won’t be to everyone’s taste and it’s a leftfield one to pull out of the bag on gameday, but we guarantee you won’t be left hobbling because of your boots.

Shop Diadora Brasil >

6. Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Image from Nike.

Typically made from stretchy k-leather and boasting some truly classic colourways, many wide-footed players have been opting for the Nike Tiempo for years.

The Legend 7s and 8s undoubtedly changed the game forever, bringing the Swoosh’s Flyknit technology to Nike boot silos for the very first time.

The next-generation Tiempo has improved things even further, with the Legend 9 once again combining the traditional k-leather with a knitted heel counter.

In short, this Quadfit Mesh provides plenty of flexibility when squeezing your feet in or out, while a Flyknit tunnel offers a customisable fit through the midfoot.

Around the toe box, the Nike Tiempo’s classic k-leather materials take centre stage yet again, with the ribbed texture designed to enhance control of the football.

Since this upper comes completely unstitched, comfort and flexibility remain entirely unhindered.

Shop Nike Tiempo >

5. Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 MIJ

Image from GoalInn.

Mizuno boots have always been a popular choice for players with wide feet.

Their ‘Made in Japan’ collection is famously comfortable and spacious, ensuring you never have to stretch and strain to squeeze your foot inside of them.

More importantly, they’re always nice and easy to take off after an exhausting 90 minutes of football.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 is the pick of the bunch with plenty of space found throughout the midfoot and an absolutely cracking design to boot.

By combining stretchy mesh and soft leather, lots of room can be found throughout the entire boot - so you’ll be able to wiggle any particularly wide toes to your heart’s content.

Although many wide-footed players might be tempted to go for the next size up, you should certainly bear in mind that the Morelia uses stretchy premium leather.

So, even though this involves some wearing-in time, we’d recommend sticking with the smaller size and allowing the leather to stretch around your feet.

After all, Mizuno make expensive boots, and you don’t want to end up quickly replacing them because they’re now too big for you.

Shop Mizuno Morelia >

4. New Balance Furon V7

Image from Sports Direct.

Oh, yes. New Balance have finally joined the knitted bandwagon, and they’ve come up with something that wraps perfectly around a wide foot.

The Furon V7 is currently headlined by Bukayo Saka, and along with the Puma Ultra, we’d argue it’s one of the best speed boots for wide feet.

The new Furon is fast. The ridiculously responsive soleplate will have you eating up grass in no time at all, tearing across the surface whilst wondering how on Earth these boots are so damn soft.

Unlike so many other speed boots, the upper feels plush and snug, moulding around your feet as if they’re giving you a nice warm hug.

Above all, though, there’s actually a wide-fit variation of these boots available, and New Balance remain one of the only brands who specifically cater to wide-footed players. We’re not sure why others don’t bother, to be honest.

Shop New Balance Furon >

3. Puma Ultra

Image from GoalInn.

Another ‘speed’ boot, that’s for wide feet? What is this sorcery?! Yes, it’s true, the Puma Ultra is somewhat of a trick on the eyes.

It looks like a slimline, lightweight football boot built for pacy wingers, but in reality it’s a stretchy ULTRAWEAVE boot built for, well, just about anyone.

The Ultra comes in a range of extremely lively colourways, and every model option has a lacing system that helps you adapt the fit perfectly to your wide feet.

Players such as Antoine Griezmann and Antony are relying on Puma boots to help them perform every week, and it’s no surprise to us that they are.

Puma are stepping up and challenging the other big boot brands right now, it’s a pleasure to see if we’re honest.

They are producing attractive, adaptable and durable boots at low price points vs. the leading silos on the market. The Puma Ultra is a top silo that’s well worthy of your investment. No doubt.

Shop Puma Ultra >

2. adidas Copa Mundial

Image from GoalInn.

Let’s face it, the adidas Copa Mundial suits just about everyone. Your nan, the neighbour’s dog and players with wide feet can always pull off a pair of these.

The classic black and white colourway is still as cool as it’s ever been, the perfect choice for players who can’t be bothered with the frills of more modern boots.

They're still the best adidas football boots for wide feet, after all this time.

Once you’ve spent time wearing them in, the Copa Mundial will stretch around the shape of your foot, giving your feet plenty of room to breathe.

The stretchy, soft leather means they are an insanely comfortable football boot for pretty much every player, with the wide last and old-school tongue meaning you can slip your feet into these without any grunting or groaning.

We call it “The Godfather” for a reason. You just can’t refuse.

Shop adidas Copa Mundial >

1. Puma Future (Low)

Image from Puma.

The Puma Future is the next generation of football boot. It’s been receiving accolades and plaudits aplenty since it originally arrived in 2020, and rightly so.

The bizarre thing is, these are actually the best Puma boots for wide-footed players, flat-footed and narrow-footed players. How? We hear you ask…

This boot is unbelievably adaptable, that’s down to the addition of FUZIONFIT360 & PWRTAPE compression structures throughout the boot.

Using a mix of polyester and spandex fibres, the upper can mould to almost any foot shape when coupled with a lace system which can be altered to suit the wearer too.

The Future gives a little bit of extra wiggle room in the toe box, whilst its neck, tongue and midfoot will provide both comfort and support.

You may not have the blistering pace of Neymar Jr., but in a pair of these at least there won’t be any danger of hearing the word ‘blister’.

Shop Puma Future >

We hope that something has tickled your fancy on our list, but if not, feel free to browse 1000s of football boots on our site.

We compare deals from leading retailers and brands to help you get out on the pitch for less.

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