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The 7 best football boots for speed 2021

If you need an edge when trying to shake off defenders, the right boots are absolutely key. Here are 7 of the best options.

mercurial dream speed 2

Pace: a dearly sought after asset of every player’s game. Something which, given the right tools, can give you an edge over your opposite number and help you pip your position’s competition to the team sheet. Every boot manufacturer claims that they can make these dreams attainable, breaking all the boundaries and in some cases, records to claim that they have made the fastest boots ever.

The ultimate recognition of this is having your boot worn by the world’s best, a symbol if you like, of domination of the speed domain. Which boots and their manufacturers top this list though you ask? You’re in the right place to find out.

7 - adidas X Ghosted (Unreleased)

First up is the adidas X Ghosted. You’ll soon spot the current X model further along this countdown, but the latest upcoming iteration of adidas’ popular silo is set to include an all new carbon fibre plated X, going by the name of ‘Ghosted’. Set to debut at this summer’s Euros, the X Ghosted is merely a rumoured entrant to the market at present though is all but confirmed to become adidas’ flagship boot, which we will inevitably see challenge for number one spot in terms of speed.

The X Ghosted is a highly anticipated release given the secrecy surrounding its release and is one in personally looking forward to as well. Whilst this comes in at number 7, this entry can be seen as something of a bonus. I’m sure post-reveal and official release, it will be a lot higher up on the list.

6 - Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #002

The second instalment of the Mercurial Dream Speed is as fresh as it gets, hitting the shelves as this blog goes live. With Euro 2020 (or now 2021) a matter of months away, expect to see a lot more of these very soon. The lemon venom colourway (similar to that of the first ever Magista) is a head turner and will no doubt become an instant hit at all levels of the game.

Whilst the boot expresses an extremely loud appearance, the wearer will no doubt do the talking for it. Designed for speed and worn by the fastest (i.e. Ronaldo and co), the name speaks for itself and like the X Ghosted, it’ll be a boot that’ll likely feature in higher positions come the latter part of the year.

5 - adidas Nemeziz 19+

The Nemeziz is adidas’ alternative weapon of choice for speed demons. Worn most prominently by Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino, the boot is an agility based silo with a reputation for being lightweight, providing somewhat of a crossover between agility and speed.

The laceless design works in tandem with an elasticated, tension tape collar, allowing for a snug, personalised fit. It stands as a popular choice for those with a wider foot, providing additional comfort whilst remaining extremely sleek.

Finished in a two-tone royal blue base and a white upper weave, the Nemeziz definitely emerges as a surprise contender which would no doubt catch defenders off guard and leave them in your dust. This is an effective versatile silo from adidas which comes in at number 5.

4 - Puma Future 5.1 Netfit FG/AG

The future 5.1 is Puma’s latest offering and a direct rival to Nike & adidas’ products on the pace front. As suggested by the name, this boot has an extremely futuristic feel to it. A knitted collar running beyond the ankle down to below the laces makes for an extremely lightweight feel on foot, and indeed it weighs in at just over the 200 grams mark.

The dual ground sole also allows for varied surface use and enhances the boot’s ability to take on more than one climate scenario, whereas other boots often struggle for grip and require an alternate, less agile SG sole. A big thumbs up for Puma on this one; the Future is approved and worn by the likes of Luis Suarez & Antoine Griezmann and you can’t go wrong with a blackout boot either!

3 - adidas X 19+ FG

Next up is adidas’ quintessential speed boot. The adidas X 19+ is the current iteration of the silo, and it’s a boot packed with cutting-edge tech. The perforated ‘ultralight speedframe’ outsole is perhaps the prominent feature where speed is concerned. As we all know, lighter is better when it comes to speed, and the X 19+ is just 187 gram.

The X 19+ is certainly a boot to make up the difference between the wearer and those more naturally gifted with pace, and though it’s a relatively young boot compared to some of its rivals, it is quickly becoming an iconic speed silo.

2 - New Balance Furon V6 Pro FG

The Furon, donned most recognisably by Sadio Mane, is a close second on the list. Designed primarily for speed (of course), its appearance is distinctive, almost as if designed in a wind tunnel. The extremely lightweight 181 gram boot is one of the narrowest on the country’s shelves. Streamlined to the max, its minimalism aesthetically almost discreetly hints at New Balance’s dedication to achieving maximum speed for the user as opposed to looking smart whilst almost doing so by mistake in the process.

The elasticated material and nylon appearance makes for an extremely sleek look featuring only the necessities in the ‘NB’ logo on the outer toe, the model description on the heel and the ‘fitweave’ symbol on the inner mid.

Whilst New Balance remain relatively new entrants to football generally and the boot market more specifically, they continue to create revolutionary lightweight boots which are more than capable of competing with the best around as credited with 2nd place. Bravo New Balance, bravo. More of the same please.

1 - Nike Mercurial Superfly VII Elite FG X Mbappe

The Mercurial collection has famously always been the boot of choice for pacy forwards since its incarnation and the latest version of the ‘Superfly’ pays tribute to PSG’s wonder-kid Kylian Mbappe. The Frenchman’s pace is one of his most noticeable assets, and the Mercurial represents his playing style and personality to a tee.

A unique exterior design is combined with typical ‘Superfly’ features including NIKESKIN, ACC and the dynamic fit collar. Whilst retaining the boot’s roots, they’re heavily customised in appearance, featuring unique features both on the chrome-like upper body and the sole from his initials and national championship stars on the collar to the French flag on the heel, a ’93’ on the toe, a snakeskin-like pattern dotted around the boot and chevron-shaped FG studs.

Whilst all of these appear to be additional extras, the boot remains one of the lightest on the market, weighing in at 194 grams. Its design continues to focus on the minimalistic feel between the player’s foot and the ball despite its aesthetic differences. The studs also benefit the relationship between the boot and the surface, reminding us that there’s always pace in mind with this design. In many ways it’s a strong sign that Mbappe’s boot range is next in line to the great ‘CR7’ collection, in terms of popularity and most importantly here, speed-orientation.

This is a boot designed by the fastest for the fastest, taking the number one spot for 2021.

So that’s your lot, the 7 best boots for speed for 2021. Let me know your thoughts as to whether I’m on the money with this list, if not what would be in there for you and in place of which boots?

Will Jones

Bolton fan - writer/podcast host - sports media undergraduate.