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The best football boots for goalkeepers in 2021

Reliable, comfortable and incredibly nice to look at, these football boots are perfect for the men between the sticks.

adidas copa 19 hardwired boots

The role of the modern goalkeeper has changed. 

No longer regarded as simple shot-stoppers who need to lump it forward, the men between the sticks are now expected to play out from the back and instigate attacks. Of course, this doesn’t mean your Sunday League team should expect to be playing like Manchester City, but there’s no question that keepers at all levels need to be comfortable with the ball at their feet. 

So, you’ll need to make sure those feet are properly equipped, and your choice of football boots is just as important as picking out some new goalie gloves. After all, you aren’t gonna turn into the next Alisson Becker if your boots don’t have the required levels of comfort, power or stability. 

Well, these are the best football boots for goalkeepers available right now...

Adidas Predator 19.1

Image from adidas.

The adidas Predator can simply do no wrong. Ever since its welcomed revival back in 2017, this legendary silo has proven just as popular as it was 20 years ago, and it’s an absolutely fantastic choice for any ball-playing goalkeepers. 

You probably already know that the Predator is built around precision and control, which is why it’s a great option for keepers who enjoy dictating the play from their own box. What really sets it apart, however, is the lightweight Primeknit upper, enhanced grip and stretchy sock collar. 

Not only does this ensure the boots are incredibly comfortable, it also means keepers can enjoy the speed and flexibility required to make crucial saves. Just as importantly, these Preds provide plenty of stability, so you won’t have to worry about any unfortunate slips or gifting the opposition a goal. No red face for you, then. 

Top Colourways:

adidas Predator “302 Redirect” 19.1 (Silver Metallic/Core Black/Red), adidas Predator “Archetic” 19.1 (Core Black), adidas Predator “Initiator” 19.1 (Active Red/Solar Red), adidas Predator “Hard Wired” 19.1 (Bright Cyan/Yellow), adidas Predator “Virtuoso” 19.1 (White/Bold Blue).

Who Wears adidas Predator 19.1 Boots?

Marc-André ter Stegen, Manuel Neuer, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Keylor Navas, Kasper Schmeichel, Sergio Romero. 

Matching Goalkeeper Gloves: to complete the look, these adidas Predator keeper gloves match up well with pretty much every boot colourway. 

Puma Future 4.1 NETFIT

Image from Puma.

Hats off to Puma. They saw an opportunity to upgrade the 19.1 Future and had no problem with replacing it after just a few short months. 

The new 4.1 model features a fresh 3D Havoc Frame, which is basically designed to bring your foot closer to the ball and improve your first-touch. This is undoubtedly a crucial quality for goalkeepers nowadays, since a dodgy touch of the football could potentially open the door to any poaching attackers. Very embarrassing indeed. 

While the Future has always made headlines for its innovative NETFIT technology, goalkeepers will be attracted by just how light these football boots are. After all, this makes them perfect for jumping, lunging and generally scurrying across your goal-line at speed. 

Top Colourways:

Puma Future “Anthem” 4.1 (Glacial Blue/Energy Red), Puma Future “City” 4.1 (Black/Sky Blue).

Who Wears Puma Future 4.1 Boots?

Jan Oblak, Fernando Muslera.

Matching Goalkeeper Gloves: there are plenty of awesome Puma Future gloves out there for you to choose from. 

Nike Tiempo Legend 8

Image from Nike.

Due to their durability and protective qualities, premium leather boots are always popular amongst goalkeepers. They need to be reliable and stable between the sticks, and sometimes you just can’t go wrong with some good old-fashioned leather. You can keep your fancy Flyknit uppers, thank you very much. 

Except calling leather “old-fashioned” isn’t quite correct, because the Nike Tiempo 8 has changed the game entirely. This new generation is a hybrid of leather and synthetic materials, combining reliability with true innovation and essentially giving wearers the best of both worlds. 

The forefoot is wrapped in premium k-leather, while a light-weight Quadfit mesh envelopes the heel and provides improved flexibility. More impressively, the upper has been reconstructed to enhance control and accuracy, while it also helps that the design of these boots is absolutely gorgeous. I’m swooning just talking about them. 

If I were attempting to rank the goalkeeper boots in the list (I’m not), the Tiempo would undoubtedly take the top spot. Alisson and Ederson wear them for a reason.

Top Colourways:

Nike Tiempo “Nouveau” Legend 8 (White/Chrome), Nike Tiempo “Under the Radar” Legend 8 (Black/Blue Hero), Nike Tiempo “New Lights” Legend 8 (Hyper Royal/White/Deep Royal Blue). 

Who Wears Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Boots?

Alisson Becker, Ederson Moraes, Hugo Lloris, Danijel Subašić, Diego López.

Matching Goalkeeper Gloves: these black leather gloves are the perfect complement to your new pair of Tiempos. 

Adidas Copa 19.1

Image from adidas.

Sticking with the leather theme, the adidas Copa 19.1 is the best alternative to the Tiempo 8. Even though I would personally recommend the Tiempo, plenty of professional keepers regularly lace-up in Copas instead. 

Made from premium k-leather, the Copa is another boot designed to enhance the touch and feel of the football, giving you much greater levels of control while in possession. The plush leather upper is unbelievably comfy, with the use of foam pads providing a truly remarkable cushioned quality. It feels like slipping your feet into a pair of clouds. 

They might not come close to matching the iconic Copa Mundial, but this latest generation has marked the reinvention of a classic silo. You only need to look at the stretchy knit collar to see how different these Copas really are. Whether or not you want to embrace these changes, however, is obviously completely up to you.  

Top Colourways:

adidas Copa “Virtuoso” 19.1 (White/Solar Lime), adidas Copa “Exhibit” 19.1 (Core Black/Solar Yellow), adidas Copa “Archetic” 19.1 (Core Black), adidas Copa “302 Redirect” 19.1 (Core Black/Hi-Res Red), adidas Copa “Hardwired” 19.1 (Solar Yellow/Core Black). 

Who Wears adidas Copa 19.1 Boots?

David De Gea, Samir Handanovič, and the legendary Craig Gordon! 

Matching Goalkeeper Gloves: there are literally tons of adidas gloves out there for you to choose from! It obviously depends on which boot colourway you’ve gone for. 

Puma ONE 5.1 evoKnit

Image from Puma.

Thanks to Gianluigi Buffon, Puma football boots have always been a popular choice for goalkeepers. The Italian shot-stopper has been loyal to the brand for years, and now regularly shows off his brand-new pair of Puma ONEs. 

Just like previous models, the new Puma ONE 5.1 is built around speed, touch and accuracy, making them incredibly popular with forwards such as Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku. However, these qualities also make the ONE a fantastic option for goalkeepers, particularly those who like to rush out from their box in more of a sweeper role. 

This kind of speed and responsiveness is absolutely essential for goalkeepers at all levels, while the use of FUSEFIT technology ensures you’ll always feel as snug as a bug. It might not be my first choice, but the Puma ONE is surprisingly supportive for such a lightweight boot. Not a bad option at all. 

Besides, if Buffon wears them, who are we to disagree?

Top Colourways:

Puma ONE “Anthem” 5.1 (Black/Energy Red), Puma ONE “City” 5.1 (Black/Sky Blue), Puma ONE “Trailblazer” 5.1 (White/Vineyard Wine).

Who Wears Puma ONE 5.1 Boots?

Gianluigi Buffon, Bernd Leno, Rui Patrício, Pepe Reina. 

Matching Goalkeeper Gloves: the Puma ONE Grip 1 gloves match up particularly well with the “City” boot pack. 

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