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The best football shoes for concrete and street football

Make sure you stay street-smart this season and check out our favourite boots for concrete.

best street football shoes

While grass is the traditional surface of choice when it comes to playing 11-a-side football, the street adaptation of the beautiful game can be played pretty much anywhere, on any surface whatsoever.

For kids, as long as there is a semi-pumped bag of air to kick around, it’s game on. No park? No problem, the driveway will do. No goals? Not an issue, there’s two bins we can use and we’ll worry about where the crossbar starts and finishes later. 

We all did it with our siblings and friends growing up and now, the kids of today are doing exactly the same; street football will quite literally never end and nor should it. 

One thing that needs to be considered, however, is your choice of kids’ football boots. You can’t make surging overlapping runs on concrete wearing a pair of studs, can you. It’s a logistical nightmare. Not only would balance and traction prove a major issue, but it would also do long-term damage to your knees, ankles and above all else, your boots. 

For this, a solution is required - investing in the perfect pair of football shoes for concrete. But which ones? That’s where we step in to help…

Can you wear football boots on concrete?

As previously touched on, wearing football boots on concrete is a complete no-no. Whether it’s studs, moulds or multi-ground boots, the pair just do not go hand in hand and will cause your kids major problems in the form of potential injuries. 

Metal studs are built specifically for wet, sloppy grass football pitches which require a longer stud to cope with the terrain and to maintain balance and traction. Moulded boots do just that but on harder, dried out pitches - neither are suitable for street football as the hard concrete would ruin the studs almost instantly, and also potentially cause injury.

You should check out our guide on all the different types of football boots if you want to learn more about all this.

Which football shoes are best for concrete ground?

Just like any type of football boot, the best producers of street football shoes are Nike and adidas. The two sportswear giants have been producing astro turf football boots suitable for sand-based 2G surfaces for decades now, but have more recently started to release boots suited to both the indoor game and street football. 

What’s the difference?”, I hear you ask. Although only minor, there is an important difference between astro turf boots and indoor football shoes, mainly revolving around the grip they both offer.

sole of astro and indoor trainers laid side by side
Indoor football shoes are the best choice for concrete surfaces.

Street football shoes have completely flat, grooved soles so that you don’t lose your footing on really hard surfaces when playing football, whereas astro turf boots have a multitude of mini rubber studs covering the entire sole which helps with grip on the more slippery, sand-based/rubber-crumb pitches offered up by astroturf and 3G respectively. 

Indeed, you can get away with wearing astro turf boots on concrete, but they will not be as effective as street/indoor football shoes as they still have a studded base, albeit a much smaller one than firm/soft/multi-ground football boots. 

These mini studs slightly raise you off the surface which hinders grip and balance; with street football shoes, which possess a completely flat sole, there is absolutely nothing between the shoe and the concrete, thus enabling maximum grip and stability.

You certainly cannot wear street football shoes on astroturf or 3G surfaces, either. Because there are no studs on indoor football shoes, the grip and traction is completely non-existent and there is nothing for the foot to plant in the sand/rubber crumbs to help stabilise you during a game of footy - it’d be like playing in a pair of those extremely unflattering plimsolls you had to wear in PE at school.

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Top 5 best kids’ football shoes for concrete in 2020

5. Nike Jr. Phantom Venom Club IC - Red/Black

Image from Nike.

The Phantom Venom is one of Nike’s most popular boot models among players of all levels across Europe, but they aren’t just limited to the 11-a-side game, oh no. 

Stay classy and sophisticated whilst also alerting your opponents of your expansive skillset with these bad boys; available in an array of different colours to suit your individual preference, our pick is the black and red version - real AC Milan vibes, or Bournemouth, you choose. 

4. Nike Jr. Mercurial Superfly Club DF - White

Image from Nike.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly is an iconic boot known all too well by football fans worldwide. You look at these boots and instantly think of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, correct? Now, the US manufacturers have made them available for the street footballers of today. 

Imitate CR7’s immaculate skills on the concrete while looking the business in these; the bold, black swoosh across the front accompanies the cool rainbow-coloured strip across the toe cap perfectly. Pair these with an all-white kit and the compliments will be endless.

3. adidas X 19.3 - Blue/White

Image from adidas.

Simplicity is key, I've always said that and with the adidas X 19.3, that’s exactly what you’ve got. All-blue with three dashes of white across the front, these boots are ultra-cool without making too much noise. 

They’re flashy, but not too flashy. Eye-catching enough to get people talking, but not enough for them to dislike you; leave that to your ability. If you’re a Leicester City fan then these boots are specially tailor-made for you, imagine wearing them with that glorious blue adidas kit of yours. Yeah.

2. Mizuno Morelia Sala Club - White

Image from Mizuno.

While Nike and adidas may dominate the street football shoe market, Italian giants Mizuno are very much doing their bit when it comes to releasing some cool designs for street footballers across the world. None more so than these beautiful Morelia’s. 

These boots are for the more elegant players, who care not for backheels and stepovers, but more about retaining possession and finding the perfect angle to thread a perfectly-weighted through pass. 

You don’t play cheap 1-2s off the sideboard if you wear these: fact. They’re robust as well - the upper is made from kangaroo leather to ensure maximum durability, so you won’t have to replace them for years. Bargain. 

1. adidas Samba OG - Black/White

Image from adidas.

Football meets fashion with our No.1 pick here - the adidas Samba OGs. 

 These beauties just ooze style and class, while the grip they offer for indoor and concrete surfaces is second to none. Not only will they look effortlessly cool worn with your tracksuit on the way to a game of Futsal, but they’ll undoubtedly be the nicest pair on the court throughout the match, which means that regardless of the score, you’ll always be the real winner. 

The adidas Samba is one of the world’s most iconic trainers; they are a timeless product that will never be outdated, so if you’re looking for style and longevity, then look no further.

Whether you’re looking to play on concrete, grass, indoors or anywhere else, don’t forget you can compare prices to find cheap football boots with FOOTY.COM! 

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25-year-old who has literally only just accepted the fact that he'll never be a professional footballer. Now writes about kits and boots to fill the void. Still plays local league in Manchester if any scouts are reading this. Southampton fan, for my sins.