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What are the best football boots for 4G pitches?

When you’re playing on 4G pitches, you need to make sure you’ve got the right footwear. Here’s our selection.
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one year ago


best football boots for 4g and AG pitches

For you lucky ones, gone are days of ankle-high, muddy quagmires and car boot changing rooms.

In the last decade, investment in quality artificial turf pitches has been helping grassroots teams avoid their standard four month, unscheduled winter break.

Football playing surfaces have come a long way since the sand-based, leg flesh removal services and even rubber crumb 3G pitches, which can still prove a little painful on a dry day.

Now, synthetic plastic 4G grass technology allows the playing of the beautiful game as it was intended: at pace, without blood.

With changes in technology underfoot, comes inevitable invention from the world’s leading football boot manufacturers.

There are now hundreds of options specifically for 4G play. More commonly, they’re referred to as artificial grass or artificial ground football boots (AG for short).

With firm ground blades and metal studs not recommended, we’re here to show you the best footwear available. Settle in.

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Best football boots to wear on 4G

3G vs. 4G artificial pitches: what are the differences?

green 4G artificial turf football pitch shown from above

Fourth generation (4G) pitches are still relatively new in the artificial turf world. But they’re getting better all the time.

3G and 4G fields are slightly different. First up, the length of the synthetic grass on 4G is cut slightly longer vs. 3G.

There’s also no need for rubber crumb infill, so you won't be tipping bucket loads from your AG boots after every game.

The longer, brushier synthetic grass without rubber infill lends itself to a more realistic game. With the ball sweeping across the surface and reacting properly to spin.

There are advancements being made all the time, and turf companies are even looking at 5G and 6G surfaces! They’re not recognised by sporting bodies though, just yet.

You CAN wear:

The clue’s in the name, which is why artificial grass football boots (AG) are the ideal partner for 4G players.

You can wear astro turf trainers (TF), but they won’t provide the traction you need for improved balance on long 4G grass.

You SHOULDN’T wear:

Indoor football trainers won’t provide any grip at all on 4G pitches and you’ll be sliding across the grass all game.

Firm ground (FG) boots should be avoided if possible, as they can increase the risk of injury from getting caught in the turf.

You should NEVER wear:

Avoid soft ground boots (SG) at all costs, they’ll cause damage to the pitch and your feet due to their metal studs.

As they are with 2G and 3G pitches, these boots aren’t suitable. They heighten the risk of injury and cause damage to the expensive pitches.

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Can you wear firm ground (FG) boots on 4G pitches?

firm ground fg studs vs artificial grass ag football boot studs showing soles
Firm ground (FG) studs (left) and artificial ground (AG) studs (right). Images from Nike.

A common question. In short, hey it’s a free country. Do we recommend it though? Not really, no.

It’s easy to get confused from looking at the feel alone, 4G ground is technically ‘firm’, right? True, but the shape of the stud and how it interacts with the turf are the key details here.

You’ll find that models of FG boots often have longer or wider plastic blade shapes, designed to grip and churn into dry soil.

Artificial ground (AG) boots have slightly conical or entirely rounded plastic studs (see above), which are specifically designed to enter and release easily from 3G and 4G plastic turf with ease.

Football’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need to try and injure yourself whilst you’re at it.

With all the techy bits to one side, let’s take a look at the best options for your game…

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Best football boots for playing on 4G pitches

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 AG

Images from Nike.

The Nike Tiempo is always an excellent option for the passing supremo. Perfect for crisp ball-spraying on slick 4G turf.

K-leather hugs the foot on the Elite model, whilst its rounded stud AG soleplate will grip and release from the turf without struggle.

If Elite is too much for your game, you can choose from cheaper Pro or Academy takedown models. In every stylish colour.

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4. adidas X Speedportal AG

Images from GoalInn.

When your 4G game is all about acceleration and speed, it’s the adidas X Speedportal you should be looking for.

Worn by Salah and Son, the Carbitex chassis and Speedframe 2.0 on the premium ‘.1’ and laceless ‘+’ models combine for explosive power off the mark.

Unfortunately, the AG soleplate is only available on the premium models. But don’t worry, we’ll find you the cheapest deal.

Shop adidas X Speedportal >

3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 AG

Images from Nike.

Another pacey addition to the ranks, the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 is comfortable on 4G thanks to its Air Zoom tech.

This premium Elite model is worn by the man sent from the future to score goals: Erling Haaland. So, it clearly works.

The popular Superfly 9 has takedown Pro and Academy versions in AG studs. It’s also one of the only models offering kids’ AG designs too.

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2. Puma Ultra FG/AG

Images from GoalInn.

This boot’s most recent update is impressive, and the premium Ultimate model of Puma Ultra has a dual density SPEEDPLATE which delivers unbelievable acceleration.

Twisting and turning is simple in the Ultra, regularly proven by Antony, Pulisic and Gakpo. The FG/AG soleplate has slim enough studs to give you traction, without cementing you.

Combining a firm and artificial ground soleplate is good value if you play on both surfaces. And takedown Pro, Match and Play versions are available for both adults and kids.

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1. Nike Phantom GX AG

Images from Nike.

The latest release from the Phantom range is an instant classic. The Nike Phantom GX looks good, and it feels good on feet too.

The Elite model uses Gripknit tech to give you better ball control, combined with the popular Nike AG soleplate, it’ll have you bobbing and weaving past opponents like De Bruyne and Grealish.

It’s early days for the GX, but we’re always expecting tons of takedown models (including Dynamic Fit sock collar) and colourways. Kids’ sizes are available in the AG stud too.

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Check out our best boots for astro turf, best boots for 3G pitches and even our complete boot surface type guide, if you’re still unsure!

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