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The best football boots for flat feet 2021

Everyone plays the game their own way, that’s what makes it so beautiful. If you happen to play it with flat feet, there’s a boot for that.

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We’re all unique. That’s what makes the game we love so interesting. Sometimes those differences come in the form of footballing ability, other times it’s mentality. But quite often, it’s simply the physical features of a player. The thing is, you never saw Maradona wishing to be taller, or Crouchy vowing to get buff. Sometimes there’s no need to change, you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got.

For people with perfectly formed arches, the boots fit, the trainers are comfortable and they probably haven’t even blinked an eye about it all. It’s alright for some, eh. If you suffer with flat feet though, it’s a different story entirely. We’re here to show you which football boots are best for your feet. Watch out, comfort ahead!

What are flat feet and how do you know if you have them?

In its simplest form, flat feet or “fallen arches” (their more poetic name) is when the entire sole of your foot touches the ground, including the instep area. More commonly, as with normal arches, it would only be the outside, heel, ball and toe areas which would touch the ground. Don’t panic though, according to the NHS website, flat feet usually aren’t anything to worry about.

Can you fix flat feet?

Flat feet are often hereditary, and there’s no magic sponge for that. It’s unfortunately something that can’t be altered, which means for you more than most, you need the correct support from your footwear. And that includes football boots.

It’s an option for you to place insoles into your football boots, as a way to add another level of support. This is usually helpful for people who suffer with similar problems like plantar fasciitis (sensitive heels). For the price of them, there’s surely no harm in trying right?

Can you play football with flat feet?

Gerard Pique, Jordan Henderson, Karim Benzema. What do these top players have in common? That’s right, flat feet. Oh, and a Champions League winner’s medal too. We’re pretty sure that is comprehensive evidence that the condition isn’t an issue when playing football. Couple those names with the fact that flat feet aren’t ordinarily painful, it really boils down to choosing the right boots to support you on your footballing journey.

Which are the best boots for flat feet?

Mizuno Rebula III / Rebula III Cup (MIJ)

Image from Mizuno.

Soft, supple K-leather to adapt and mould around your foot perfectly. Ahhh. Yes, they do sit a little on the pricey side, but for this quality and fit it’s a worthy investment. The ‘Made In Japan’ Rebula collection from Mizuno is a hallmark of top drawer, handcrafted workmanship. And that means you’d have to search long and hard to find anything better for you in the boot world.

Shop Mizuno Rebula >

adidas Copa Mundial

Image from adidas.

The OG of comfortable boots. Chances are, you already know someone who’s raved about owning a pair of Copa Mundial. They probably also told you that their pair lasted the best part of a decade. The mouldable upper of this design means it will adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot through natural wear, whilst an ever-so-slightly wider soleplate lends additional welcome support.

Shop adidas Copa Mundial >

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite

Image from Nike.

Remember when we mentioned Pique and Henderson earlier? Well, this is their boot of choice. With a slightly more spacious toe box and a comfortable instep, these boots won’t have you moaning and groaning then hobbling off after ten minutes. Flyknit technology allows the Tiempo to mould to the wearer, whilst the kangaroo leather adds supple support to the foot. Guaranteed comfort.

Shop Nike Tiempo >

Puma Future Netfit Low

Image from Puma.

Unique Netfit lacing tech, that’s what you need to know about here. The laces can be placed wider than any other boot on the market, giving extra wiggle room for fallen arches. The knit upper of the Future boot is stretchy which will help you slide in and out with ease, but the boot somehow still manages to be both durable and lightweight. NOTE: make sure you opt for the ‘low’ version and not the ‘sock’ option.

Shop Puma Future >

adidas Nemeziz 19.1

Image from adidas.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen the 19.1 takedown of this boot, instead of the 19+. It’s because reviews suggest that the ‘bandage’ style of the 19+ can be a little difficult to get in and out of for those with wider feet. The Nemeziz 19.1 still delivers plenty of give with its unique ‘bandage’ style, without removing any support for the foot and ankle. Oh and they can’t be bad, Messi wears them.

Shop adidas Nemeziz >

Nike Premier II

Image from Nike.

Fancy something at a lower price point, which still delivers a couple of supple uppers? Nike Premier II in legendary Ronaldinho 10R special colours, no less. Often called a step down from the Tiempo, don’t be fooled though, these are an incredible alternative. The premium leather upper is partnered with the K-leather vamp, topped off by a low-profile lightweight insole for all-round comfort on flat feet.

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Well, that's our list. We hope it helps. If you're still struggling to choose your next pair of football boots, we're always making new content to help people find the perfect partner for their game. We've got a guides like how to choose the perfect football boots, the best football boots for wide feet or even the most comfortable boots around. And, if you suffer with ankle trouble we've got a boot list for that too, along with how to break in the new pair when you've finally decided which way to splash your hard-earned cash.

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