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What are the best football boots for 3G pitches?

You’re going to find the ideal football boots for playing on 3G artificial grass pitches, right here. Simple.
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one year ago


best football boots for 3G pitches

Everyone needs to wear the right kind of football boots, and those of you who play on 3G artificial turf pitches are no exception.

After all, wearing the wrong kind of footwear can cause damage to the playing surface, and at the risk of sounding too dramatic, damage to yourself.

What is initially a quick game at Powerleague, can quickly descend into a potentially painful nightmare for some.

But to help avoid all of this drama, you need to head onto the pitch in a suitable pair of artificial ground football boots.

The advent of 3G pitches has left many of us feeling unsure as to which boots to wear on them. Don’t fret, we’re here to clear all of those worries up for you.

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Best football boots to wear on 3G

What are 3G artificial grass pitches?

empty 3G artificial grass football pitch at night with floodlights

3G is the most common type of artificial grass football pitch.

These fields feature synthetic grass rather than the tough carpet of 2G sand-based surfaces. They also happen to be much safer and softer.

In the 2020s, this is likely the type of artificial grass you’ll be playing on.

More advanced 4G turf is available, but it’s much more expensive to buy, lay and maintain.

While it still uses plastic fibres, the main difference here is the use of a black rubber crumb infill, rather than sand.

This gives a much plusher, more weather-resistant playing surface which is far better suited to the beautiful game, with its shock-absorbing qualities reducing the risk of injury.

The fake 3G turf feels much closer to playing on natural grass, with a more realistic bounce of the football and more cushioning underfoot.

If your boot bag is now filled with tiny rubber pellets, then the chances are you’ve been playing on a 3G football pitch.

When it comes to choosing the right type of football boot for 3G surfaces, we’re here to offer this simple advice…

You CAN wear:

Artificial grass (AG) football boots are the best option if you’re solely playing on 3G, but some players actually prefer to wear astro turf (TF) trainers.

Hey, we’re not here to judge, we've even picked out the best astro boots too.

You SHOULDN’T wear:

Indoor football trainers don’t provide the traction required on 3G pitches, so we personally wouldn’t recommend them.

However, if the pitch is bone dry then you should be okay. Firm ground (FG) boots should be avoided, as they can increase the risk of injury.

You should NEVER wear:

Soft ground (SG) boots with metal studs or blades. As they are with 2G surfaces, these boots are completely unsuitable for 3G pitches, risking both major damage to the pitch and yourself. Blisters galore.

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What type of football boots are suitable for 3G pitches?

close up of 3g artificial grass football pitch corner spot

Realistically, there are only two main types of football boots that should be worn on 3G artificial surfaces.

These are artificial ground (AG) football boots and astro turf (TF) trainers.

Before you make your next investment, you’ll need to understand the differences between each one and why they matter.

The golden rule here for 3G is to wear something with a textured rubber sole or small moulded plastic stud sole, and you should avoid metal studs or blades at all costs.

It's important to know that choosing the right soleplate is pivotal to your performance on artificial turf, so let's talk you through your options:

Artificial ground (AG) football boots: what are they?

nike artficial ground football boots showing soleplate
Images from Unisport.

This boot type is specifically designed for the longer plastic grass of 3G and 4G pitches, digging into the turf and providing much better grip and comfort.

They often feature smaller, rounded plastic moulded studs on the sole.

You’ll mainly see these labelled as “AG” in their description, but some brands also offer an “FG/AG” or “MG” (multi-ground) model, which is an artificial ground boot also suitable for firm ground surfaces.

These boots feature mixed studs, and this is the ideal choice if you tend to switch between artificial and dry grass pitches.

If you play on longer 4G artificial turf and you’re in need of a little inspiration, we also have a detailed rundown of the best football boots for 4G pitches too!

Wear them on:

3G and 4G artificial grass surfaces.

Also suitable for:

Dry natural grass, though they won’t be as effective as typical firm ground (FG) boots.

DON’T wear them on:

Concrete, indoor courts, soft grass or 2G astro turf. That is an injury waiting to happen!

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Astro turf (TF) football boots: what are they?

adidas astro turf football trainers showing soleplate in pink
Images from Unisport.

TF boots are astro turf trainers, they feature rubber bumps on the sole which provide plenty of grip on firmer, flatter 2G sand-based surfaces.

These shoes will be labelled as “TF” when you’re browsing online, but always look out for the bumpy rubber soles if you aren’t completely sure.

If you’re seeing longer studs or even blades, then you’re looking at the wrong thing.

They can be worn comfortably on most 3G artificial grass surfaces, although it’s worth pointing out that they won’t provide quite as much grip as a pair of AG boots (especially in the wet).

Astro turf trainers are undoubtedly the most versatile option here. They perform best on 2G, work well on 3G, and can even be worn indoors (when non-marking) or on very dry grass surfaces.

If you play on multiple surfaces, this is 100% the best option for you.

Wear them on:

2G astro turf and 3G artificial grass surfaces. You can also wear astro turf boots on concrete.

DON’T wear them on:

Indoor courts, as they’ll mark the flooring. Natural grass surfaces, especially if it’s wet, as astro turf boots won’t provide enough traction.

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Best football boots to buy for 3G pitches

10. adidas X Speedportal AG

Images from GoalInn.

Shop adidas X Speedportal >

9. New Balance Furon V6 AG

Images from New Balance.

Shop New Balance Furon >

8. adidas Mundial Team TF

Images from GoalInn.

Shop adidas Mundial Team >

7. adidas Copa Mundial FG

Images from GoalInn.

Shop adidas Copa Mundial >

6. Puma Future FG/AG

Images from Puma.

Shop Puma Future >

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 AG

Images from Nike.

Shop Nike Tiempo >

4. adidas Copa Pure TF

Images from GoalInn.

Shop adidas Copa Pure >

3. Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 AG

Images from Nike.

Shop Nike Mercurial Vapor >

2. Puma Ultra FG/AG

Images from Puma.

Shop Puma Ultra >

1. Nike Phantom GX AG

Images from Nike.

Shop Nike Phantom GX >

How to choose the best boots for 3G pitches

Your choice of football boots depends not only on where you’re playing, but also on your own playing style.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of soleplate you should go for, you also need to consider the comfort, design and performance of the boots you need.

While comfort will always be the most important factor, the way you play will also have a major impact, since your boots should ideally complement your style.

For example, those focused more on passing and control could go for something like the adidas Predator, while any speedsters out there would be more interested in the Nike Mercurial.

Whether you’re playing five-a-side or training with your club, your football boots should always be breathable and comfortable. In an ideal world, they’d also look pretty damn good, too.

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You can find cheap artificial grass football boots today at FOOTY.COM, as we compare prices on everything you need for 3G. If you're upgrading your turf game, we've even picked out the best boots for 4G pitches too.

Explore discounts on adults’ and kids’ sizes today to make sure you bag a fantastic deal!

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