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Best astro turf football boots for five-a-side

Five-a-side is all about precision, movement, awareness (oh, and looking good). Here's our pick of the best astro turf boots and trainers.

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A quick game of five-a-side (or 6/7-a-side for that matter) can be fast, powerful and downright knackering.

The sheer pace of the game can leave us struggling for breath at times, while the small size of the pitch means you don’t get a moment’s peace while on the ball. Although you might just see it as a casual kickabout, five-a-side requires unbelievable control and even better pass accuracy, since everyone’s wrestling for possession in such close proximity.

Of course, this means you’ll need to get prepped for your next Powerleague trip by bagging a great pair of astro turf boots. So, what are the best football trainers for five-a-side? Before I answer that question, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying…

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Five-a-side games are typically played on astro turf or artificial grass (3G/4G), although sometimes you may end up playing indoors.

Generally, you shouldn’t wear firm ground (FG) boots on astro turf or artificial grass, but it’s perfectly safe to wear astro turf boots on both hard ground and indoor surfaces. So, although I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on soft, wet pitches, you really do get your money’s worth if you opt for a good pair of astro boots, since you won’t have to keep buying different footwear for each surface type.


Image from adidas.

3G and 4G pitches have become incredibly popular over the past decade, which has ultimately led to an influx of new, specially-designed artificial grass (AG) football boots. These boots have a soleplate designed to enhance grip and traction on artificial surfaces, making them ideal for 3G/4G pitches.

Unfortunately, these football boots are only really of any use on 3G or 4G surfaces, meaning you’d have to buy a pair of separate boots to play elsewhere. If you’re only a casual player, I recommend going for astro turf boots instead, since these can be worn on 3G/4G as well as a multitude of other surface types.

Whatever you do, NEVER wear firm ground (FG) boots on 3G/4G pitches, because you stand a good chance of getting your studs stuck in the ground and suffering a nasty injury. It’s really not worth the risk.

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So, now you know if you should opt for astro trainers, it’s time to dive right into our review of the best astro turf boots available right now.

6. Adidas X Ghosted.1 Astro Turf

Image from adidas.

These boots are being repped by some of the world’s biggest players right now, and luckily for you, you can do the same down the local 5-a-side pitches. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a silky dribbler or a pin-point finisher, these slick off-white adidas X boots are the ones for you.

The .1 model comes packed with tech and is a fairly hefty investment (which will last), but if you’re looking to spend a little less then take a look at the .2/.3/.4 takedown models instead.

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5. Nike React Phantom GT Pro Turf

Image from Nike.

If it’s good enough for De Bruyne, it’s mostly likely good enough for you. No offence. Nike’s latest model has been given the astro turf treatment, with the added inclusion of a React midsole - taken directly from their much loved running shoe range. This = comfort.

Available in a selection of colourways, you’re guaranteed to find a look which suits your eye. If the Pro level boot is too pricey, there’s also a choice of takedown models, albeit with lesser tech.

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4. Puma Ultra 4.1 Turf Chasing Adrenaline

Image from Puma.

We’re not sure about chasing adrenaline, as it’s usually more about chasing a second wind in five-a-side. Puma’s latest release, the Ultra will give you durability, touch and feel on the turf. It’s available at a cheap price point and the quality is certainly high enough for the keen but casual kickabouter.

If you’re not feeling the Ultra model, Puma have a range of turf boots in some of their other popular models - the ONE and the FUTURE.

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3. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.3 Laceless Astro Turf

Image from adidas.

The Predator needs little introduction and an astro turf model is extremely welcome here. We’ve picked out this takedown laceless version, because who can be bothered lacing and unlacing these days? You don’t quite get the full, premium Mutator Demonskin outer but you get very solid performance for the price.

As with all Predators, their is going to be a colourway for you. If you’re not keep on bright whites with added ankle sock, browse the adidas Pred range to find what you need.

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2. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Pro Turf

Image from Nike.

Acceleration and speed, two very underrated 5-a-side attributes. This boot can help you to showcase them both, with deep outer sole grips and featherweight material, you’ll be one end to the other before you can say “Cristiano Ronaldo”. We’ve picked this dazzling yellowy/gold colourway because, why not?

Nike have a solid range of astro turf boots available, if this one isn’t quite right. Take a look at other Mercurials, Tiempos and Phantoms too.

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1. Adidas Mundial Team Astro Turf

Image from adidas.

Need I say more? The most legendary of astro turf boots just couldn’t be avoided in our list. Based on the iconic Copa Mundial football boot, this classic offers comfort, touch, durability and grip in abundance. Well worth the investment in our opinion.

You can grab the slightly cheaper Kaiser 5 Team trainer if you’re looking to penny-pinch, or even opt for a more modern silhouette in the form of the Copa 20. Any way you go, it’s going to perform for you.

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