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Best astro turf football boots 2023

Five-a-side is all about precision and movement (oh, and looking good). To do it all, here's our pick of the best astro turf football boots.
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one year ago


best astro turf football boots and trainers 2023

A quick game of five-a-side (or 6/7-a-side for that matter) can be fast, powerful and downright knackering. It's no doubt that you're going to burn through pairs of astro turf boots in no time.

The sheer pace of the game can leave us struggling for breath, while the small size of the pitch means you don’t get a moment’s peace while you're on the ball.

Even though you may just see it as a casual kickabout, five-a-side requires a perfect first touch and laser-sharp passing accuracy, since everyone’s wrestling for possession in such close proximity.

Of course, this means you’ll need to get prepped for your next Powerleague trip by bagging a great pair of astro turf trainers. So, what are the best football boots for astro turf?

Before we answer that question in detail, you need all the information to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for…

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The best astro turf boots you can buy in 2023

Best overall boots: adidas Copa Mundial Team
Best budget boots: Puma Future Play TT
Best laceless boots: adidas Predator Accuracy.3 TF
Best boots for control: adidas Copa Pure.1 TF
Best boots for speed: Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy DF TF
Best boots for shooting: Nike Phantom GX Academy TF
Best boots for wide feet: Puma King Top TT
Best classic boot: New Balance 442 V2 TF

What are astro turf (TF) boots / trainers?

astro turf boots showing soles
Images from Unisport.

You’ll have seen a pair of these in your time, that’s for sure. You'll often see astro turf football trainers referred to as ‘TF’ or ‘astros’, and they are specifically designed to be used on astro turf surfaces.

The sand-based 2G astro turf is different from traditional grass and other, longer artificial grasses in the market.

Astro turf trainers use moulded rubber outsoles to help players cling onto the skiddy, sandy carpet with ease. Helping you to avoid the ol’ grazed knees.

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What surfaces can astro turf boots be worn on?

astro turf football boots on 2g sand pitch
Image from FOOTY.COM.

As we mentioned above, astro turf football trainers are primarily suited for use on sand-based 2G astro turf surfaces.

More recently though, 3G artificial turf has become increasingly popular, which means that astro turf boot designs have altered to suit longer, rubber-crumb 3G surfaces too.

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What is the difference between astro turf boots and moulded studs?

moulded stud vs astro turf sole comparing football boots
Images from Unisport.

Whilst technically, an astro turf trainer does have moulded studs, they aren’t what you’d refer to as a ‘moulded football boot’ or ‘mouldies’.

Moulded football boots are designed with slightly longer plastic or rubber studs in various shapes and sizes, to be used on firm grass or artificial ground pitches.

If you’re unsure as to what moulded football boots are, check out our in-depth guide which has all the info you need. We've even got a guide on every boot surface type too.

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The best astro turf trainers right now

Best overall astro turf boots: adidas Copa Mundial Team

Image from Unisport.

Ah, the absolute finest example of an astro turf boot that you’re likely to ever see. The legendary Copa Mundial football boot, transitioned perfectly to 2G turf.

Comfort, durability and grip are unrivalled on this Mundial model, with cushioning that’ll have your touch as silky as prime Berbatov wrapped in satin bed sheets.

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Best budget astro turf boots: Puma Future Play TT

Image from Sports Direct.

If first touch and dribbling are your main attributes, you’re going to want to enhance those skills even more with these Puma Future Play TT boots.

Puma are cheaper than alternatives from adidas and Nike, and this model is available for under £50. A steal for the quality you’ll get.

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Best laceless astro turf boots: adidas Predator Accuracy.3 Laceless TF

Image from adidas.

Enjoy that unbridled feel of foot to ball? These laceless Predator Accuracy.3 TF will have you breaking the back of the net in no time. We've gone for the .3 version, because we love cash savings.

As the name suggests, these are about precision. The Predator Accuracy astro turf version is every bit as good as its grass-suited counterparts. Get to poaching today with the help of this Predator.

Shop adidas Predator Accuracy >

Best astro turf boots for control: adidas Copa Pure.1 TF

Image from adidas.

As their marketing motto suggested, the adidas Copa Pure is built for the ‘footballing purist’. That means it’s all about feel and control of the ball.

The most elite version of this boot (.1) is pricey, but it’s made from premium materials to maximise comfort and feel. An amazing classic look too.

Shop adidas Copa Pure >

Best astro turf boots for speed: Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy DF TF

Image from Sports Direct.

Right, so Kylian Mbappé and Marcus Rashford both wear this model on the grass. That is all you need to know about how the Mercurial Superfly 9 is made for speed.

The astro turf version is every bit as good, and this cheaper takedown Academy is a snip. It looks good, it performs well and it’ll have you racing towards more 1v1s in no time.

Shop Nike Mercurial Superfly >

Best astro turf boots for shooting: Nike Phantom GX Academy TF

Image from Lovell Soccer.

Ah, the Phantom GX are the shooting boots of both Harry Kane and Lautaro Martínez. You can almost hear the ringing of “GOL! GOL! GOL!” in your ears down the local 5-a-side pitch.

One of this season’s greatest releases works amazingly well on astro turf too, and this Academy takedown has plenty of quality. It’s even available in Dynamic Fit with lace covering and high collar.

Shop Nike Phantom GX >

Best wide fit astro turf boots: Puma King Top TT

Image from Amazon.

As with any boot sole type, there will always be a need for wide fitting options. That’s where Puma reigns supreme. Especially the Puma King Top TT.

With its classic design, it offers ample room in the toe box and a wide outsole which is suited to lower arches. The supple upper will mould to the foot, and you’ll have these in your bag for years to come.

Shop Puma King >

Best classic astro turf boots: New Balance 442 V2 TF

Image from New Balance.

4-4-2, the most classic of all formations. The boots are classic too. These New Balance 442 astros offer comfort and durability aplenty.

At a higher price point unusual to NB models, but it comes packed with full-grain leather uppers and suede toe caps. In black, it’s a great example of simplicity.

Shop New Balance >

Phew, that’s our list of the best astro turf trainers around done and dusted.

We hope it's helped you to decide which you should opt for, but if not, we’ve got a massive range of football boots available on our site too!

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