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adidas Kaiser Liga vs adidas Copa Mundial: Which is the better boot for you?

There's no question that adidas make some timeless boots, but which of their classic options is the best?

adidas classic boots

Everyone loves a classic, none more so than adidas.

The adidas Kaiser and the adidas Copa Mundial are two all-time classic boots, but at first glance they look almost identical. What exactly separates these two boots? This article will aim to help you pick which of these two adidas boots is right for you.

Introduction to the adidas Kaiser Liga

The adidas Kaiser is the lesser known counterpart of the Copa Mundial, but that does not take anything away from the standard of the cleat. Named after German legend Franz Beckenbauer aka ‘Der Kaiser’, this boot symbolises his classic playing style whilst nodding to the aesthetics of the old boots.

From a price standpoint the Kaiser is typically a lot cheaper than the Copa Mundial, despite sharing much of the same technology. The main difference is in the leather quality, with the Kaiser slightly lagging behind despite a great quality upper. The sole of the boot is different to the Copa Mundial’s plain white base too, and the Kaiser sole is particularly picturesque to look at in that regard.

Introduction to the adidas Copa Mundial

First released in 1979, the adidas Copa Mundial has been appreciated by professionals and park players alike ever since. By even just name alone this is a truly an iconic boot.

Simple in design but significant in quality, the boot was worn by the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Lothar Mathaus in the past, and since then a revamped version of the silo has been released, with top players like Toni Kroos and Paulo Dybala carrying the name amongst others.

The boot was truly made to last; consisting of a soft kangaroo leather upper and a sturdy base, it offered tremendous durability. The flexibility in the leather also made it a very comfortable cleat to wear. Not many changes have been made to the technology of this boot since it was first introduced into the world of football, and as a result it has sometimes been criticised by some circles for its lack of modern boot technology. On the flip side however, many users of the boot will testify to the fact that the Copa Mundial more than makes up for it’s relative lack of technology with it’s renowned quality and sturdiness.

Which current silos have been inspired by each boot?

Following in the footsteps of the Copa Mundial and the Kaiser Liga, adidas launched a new boot line aptly named Copa. In it’s latest iteration the silo has completely modernised the style of the older boots, adding colours and removing laces, though earlier versions were much more closely linked to the history and qualities of the older models.

If you are someone who wants the powerful combination of classic technology mixed with vibrant colours, this is the option for you.

Which boot is more comfortable?

As mentioned, both of these boots are built to last. And they do last. The leather in both of these boots lasts a very long time, but the higher quality leather on the Copa Mundial make it more durable than the adidas Kaiser Liga.

In terms of comfortability, it goes to the Mundial as well. It is known for being one of the most comfortable boots on the market. Users agree too, with a common thread being how impressive the cleat is in terms of comfort. Also, broad-footed players love this boot as it stretches to fit your foot. So, in terms of comfort, the adidas Copa Mundial prevails.

Which boot performs best on the pitch?

In terms of performance it is difficult to split. The Copa Mundial and the Kaiser are boots for a naturalist, someone who is not concerned with the new and fancy technology of modern boots.

A word of caution however; the leather can sometimes get heavy and sludgy in wet weather, and users have made a note of that when leaving reviews. But as a whole the boots provide solid performance on the back of their comfort and durability. One thing that gives the Kaiser Liga a slight edge is the fact it is more lightweight than the Copa, and players that wear the boot say that this factor means it suits the modern game better.

With regards to material, the kangaroo leather of the Copa Mundial acts as a solid surface allowing for smoother passes and a soft first touch. Many wearers say it is one of the best boots of all time in terms of improving your passing ability, with Kaiser wearers less forthcoming about the performance benefits of the more standard “full grain leather”.

Therefore, as a whole, I’ll say the Copa Mundial performs better on the pitch than its counterpart.

Which boot is best for 5-a-side?

I think this is an easy one. The Copa Mundial makes anyone look like a baller, and for a five-a-side game, that is exactly what you want. Someone who plays tough but looks stylish all at the same time. Perfect. Also, they are extremely comfortable so you could easily play three or four times a week without any worry of blisters.

Which boot is best on astroturf?

This is a tough decision to make, as both astro designs are similar. User feedback for both the Kaiser Liga Team and the Copa Mundial Team cleats says that they both grip the surface well, both were easy to wear in and both operate well in all-weather conditions. However, the Copa Mundial offers users with a better quality of grip on the surface and therefore it would be the better on astroturf. Close call here though.

Which boot is best for soft ground?

The Kaiser Liga is the better of the two for soft ground football, simply because of the sleak design on the sole of the boot. It both looks good and feels good on the foot. People who wear the boot in soft ground say it does not leave you with the feeling that the studs are causing pain on the sole of the foot.

Which boot has the best colour options?

As you can imagine, this might seem like a pointless exercise. Both of these boots are known for their very minimal yet classic design. Historically both have been fully black boots, with three white stripes. The Kaiser Liga really mixed it up a bit with the small addition of a thinner white stripe shooting up to the heel.

However, contrary to popular belief the two cleats have actually experimented with colours beyond the black and white spectrum in the past. The adidas Kaiser released in a vibrant red colour in 2014 and for me this is the pick of the bunch, a feel of speed and flair mixed with a classic style, what’s not to like?

For the Copa Mundial, adidas released a Samba edition, which included five new exotic colourways. For me, the orange base with three black stripes offered a particularly cool look that was very unique on the football pitch. The newly launched adidas Copa silo has a huge array of new colours, but of course the look of the boot is quite far from the classic Mundial.

For this round I’m giving it to the Copa Mundial largely on the basis of the brilliant Samba editions. Having said all that, fans like these boots for their traditional look, so perhaps the best colourway is as it’s supposed to be: black and white.

Which boot offers the best value for money?

In terms of price, there is a clear difference, with the Copa Mundial sitting at a set price of £90 on most websites. By contrast the Kaiser Liga is only around £60 or under. So, yes, the Kaiser Liga is the cheaper option, in large part thanks to it’s use of cheaper leather.

Despite the price cost, you still get a great boot, and most reviews point to the fact that the Kaiser more than holds its own even before taking into account the price.

The best value for money would be the Kaiser Liga.


This has been a very difficult article to write, as I have been comparing two extremely similar boots. The Copa Mundial is the OG, the boot that has outlasted nearly every other since it was thrown into the football world. The Kaiser Liga was made for a legend in Beckenbauer and was worn by the working class due to the fact it was the cheaper option.

As mentioned, both utilise the same technologies, or lack thereof, and that is why the people love them. Despite the Copa Mundial using better quality leather, I think it is fair to say that the value for money and the lightweight feel of the Kaiser make it the better choice. I know the Copa Mundial has special edition colourways like the Samba, and it has been worn by some of the greatest players of all time. However, the Kaiser Liga, for half the price, it is my pick of the two.

Regardless of all this, both of these boots have stood the test of time, and for that reason alone they should both be considered incredible cleats.

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