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adidas boot range guide | Predator vs. X vs. Copa

With so many adidas boots out there, it’s hard to know which is the best for your game. We’re here to help you figure it out.
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one year ago


adidas football boot range complete guide predator vs x vs copa

Football and adidas have a long-standing love affair. And that’s exactly why pros and grassroots players alike, trust adidas football boots when it comes to taking their game to another level.

The German giants now have a wide offering to suit every type of player, which means it can be confusing when you come to pick up a brand-spanking new pair, ready for your upcoming fixtures.

They’ve been in this game almost 70 years, which means they know a thing or two about producing quality boots. That’s why their latest silos offer advanced lightweight tech and the exact tools for you to perform.

We’re here to discuss every current adidas release, and guide you into making the best decision for your game and your pocket.

Buckle up, because we’re helping you to earn your (three) stripes today…

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What boots do adidas make?

adidas predator accuracy x speedportal copa pure and copa mundial football boots
Predator Accuracy, X Speedportal, Copa Mundial & Copa Pure (clockwise from top left). Images from adidas.

The adidas boot range is simple. They have their adidas X model aimed at speed players, the adidas Predator model aimed at power or precision players, the adidas Copa aimed at touch players and then the adidas Classics aimed at the traditionalist market.

There have been several popular models come and go over the years, including a few of Lionel Messi’s favourites in the form of the F50, Ace and Nemeziz designs.

The long history of the adidas Predator is full of innovation and since their revival in 2017, the boot has gone from strength to strength with the Mutator, FreakEdge and latest Accuracy releases.

The adidas X has moved from its original form through the X Ghosted, X Speedflow and now the X Speedportal, giving Mo Salah a bit of added (but not at all necessary) oomph.

The Copa Mundial is a standalone, stone-cold classic but its modern sister, the adidas Copa Pure, evolved from the earlier Copa 17 to 20 models and in between, the Copa Gloro and Copa Sense.

As we’ve come to expect, adidas models come in a range of flamboyant and popular packs with an option for every taste, surface and budget.

Without further ado, let’s tuck in and which are the best adidas football boots for you…

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adidas Predator (Accuracy)

Images from adidas.

What is adidas Predator?

This is a boot which has only been around since 1994, but it feels like a helluva lot longer than that. A go-to for many top players since the ‘90s, the adidas Predator is an icon in its own right.

Since John Collins scored the first professional goal wearing this silo, players of a, shall we say “higher calibre” (sorry, John), have been trusting them to do the business on the pitch.

The boot itself has gone through a massive number of iterations (which you can find in our complete history of the Predator), but disappeared briefly between 2014-2017.

The design team at adidas returned with a complete overhaul, releasing the 17 in, erm, 2017 obviously. It proved popular with players, and subsequently evolved through the Mutator (2020), the Freak (2021), the Edge (2022) and now the Accuracy (2023).

adidas Predator Technology

The latest adidas Predator Accuracy, in an elite capacity (those labelled ‘.1’ & ‘+’) comes choc-a-bloc with tech advances. Including adidas’ Primeknit on the collars, giving a lightweight snug feel without losing durability.

The Accuracy has moved the Predator back to a finesse and precision option, changing from the more power-led boot that was the Edge. They're returning to their roots, with flashes of curling free-kicks from Becks and silky touches from Zidane.

That precision comes from the addition of HybridTouch uppers, helping players to swerve and control the ball better. The split outsole also gives players more lateral freedom when shifting weight too.

Who wears adidas Predator?

A raft of footballing greats have worn the Predator including Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and many more.

Nowadays, it’s still an extremely healthy list, a snapshot of which includes Paul Pogba, Jude Bellingham, Kalvin Phillips, Ellen White, Fabinho, Marc-André ter Stegen, Wendie Renard, Éder Militão, Miralem Pjanic and Lena Oberdorf.

Models available now

As we’ve mentioned, the latest version of this model is the adidas Predator Accuracy. The top tier is available in a laceless ‘+’ version, as well as laced ‘.1’ and ‘.1 Low’ options.

If you’re not looking for elite boots right now, that’s fine! Hey, we’re not all Premier League level. You can pick up ‘.2.’, ‘.3’ and even ‘.4’ versions at lower prices. You can even grab deals on the older Freak and Edge models too.

Predators are often included in our best boots of the year list and are available for every surface type, so wherever you’re playing, you’ll be able to pick up this amazing creation.

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adidas X (Speedportal)

Images from adidas.

What is adidas X?

The adidas X is now the German brand’s flagship speed boot, replacing the unbelievably popular F50 range (2004-2014) way back in 2015. And guess what? The X is extremely popular too.

Perfectly engineered for wing wizards and feather-footed strikers, the latest adidas X Speedportal vows to take your game “to the next dimension”. We guess that’s why Rick & Morty were oddly drafted in for the launch promo. We think?

The X Speedportal is based, as you’d imagine, around pure speed and acceleration. Its lightweight construction is the basis of this idea, as it was for earlier models in the original X (2015-19), X Ghosted (2020) and the X Speedflow (2021).

adidas X technology

In its elite form (‘.1’ & ‘+’), the foundation of the adidas X is its Carbitex Speedframe 2.0 chassis. This tech allows the boot to be supportive, but explosive when called upon.

A Primeknit collar complements the Speedskin 2.0 uppers, offering a sock-like fit and comfort of a slipper to match it. The whole thing is light as a feather, but somehow super stable too.

To add a cherry on top of all of this, adidas have used 50% recycled materials in the production of this model, playing their small part in working towards a plastic-free world.

Who wears adidas X?

There are a fair few names that’ll pique your interest when it comes to the adidas X Speedportal. Lionel Messi and Mo Salah would be two of them.

More? OK. Try Raphinha, Son Heung-min, Vivienne Miedema, Serge Gnabry, Benjamin Pavard, Stina Blackstenius, Rafael Leão and Jess Carter.

Models available now

The most recent release is the X Speedportal, landing in 2022. As with all adidas silos, the most expensive tier offers laced ‘.1’ and laceless ‘+’ options.

You can drop costs (and a little bit of tech) to the usual ‘.2’, ‘.3’ and even ‘.4’ takedowns, but of course, you’re only going to enjoy the show in all its glory, if you decide to take the elite designs home.

You’re still able to shop the previous X Speedflow and X Ghosted models for much less, and all the silos we’ve mentioned are available for every surface type too. No bother.

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adidas Copa (Pure)

Images from adidas.

What is adidas Copa?

Since the release of the legendary Copa Mundial in 1979, there hasn’t been a modernised version created, until fairly recently that is. The adidas Copa Pure model is exactly that, a modernised version of the greatest ‘touch’ boot of all time.

This design is for those silky players who enjoy the true feel of the football at their feet, caressing it around the park, willy-nilly. Cushioned leather comfort is the Copa’s mantra.

Its cushioned exterior is a flashback to the stitched uppers of the Mundial, and the upgraded soleplate allows players to keep up with the sharper pace of today’s game.

adidas Copa technology

Built from the finest calf leather, the elite versions of the Copa Pure (‘.1’ & ‘+’) are incredibly supple and will mould perfectly to the feet after a few wears. They’re durable too.

Wrapped with quilted Fusionskin in a seamless 3D haptic print, this boot cushions your touch alongside ultimate ball-feel, delivering a first touch as killer as prime Xavi’s.

Primeknit material works well on the collars to deliver stability and comfort by the boatload. It's even fairly lightweight too. Luxurious stuff.

Who wears adidas Copa?

Some of the world’s finest are currently donning the Copa Pure, including this non-exhaustive list of João Félix, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Declan Rice, Pau Torres, Mary Earps, Ilkay Gündogan, Pedri, Paulo Dybala, Melanie Leupolz, Fikayo Tomori and Jurrien Timber.

Models available now

As with all adidas models we’ve mentioned, the upper echelons of the Copa range are only reserved for the high-level tech of the ‘.1’ laced and ‘+’ laceless options.

If you’re happy to lose a tiny bit of tech, e.g. calf leather downgraded to standard leather, or even synthetic materials in the lower end, then the ‘.2’, ‘.3’ and cheapest ‘.4’ styles are your friends.

In some cases, you can still get the slightly older Copa Sense models which in our opinion, is still a quality boot. Adidas offers the Copa in every surface type too, meaning you can be silky on just about any pitch you choose.

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adidas Classics (Copa Mundial / World Cup / Kaiser 5)

Images from adidas.

What are adidas Classics?

Ah, the classics. You’ve seen them, and you undoubtedly adore them. The adidas Classics are a collection of iconic black boot models from yesteryear, still in circulation today.

The Classics collection includes the Copa Mundial, the World Cup and the Kaiser 5. Three legendary designs which have stood the test of time, now mostly worn by people who remark, “football was better back in my day”.

The Classics are a simple bunch. Only available in black with three solid white stripes. And their durability is the stuff of legend. It's difficult to compare the Copa Mundial and Kaiser 5, but we've had a go on our blog.

adidas Classics technology

If it’s durability and comfort you’re after, the premium kangaroo leather uppers of the Copa Mundial and World Cup will look after you, even the full-grain leather of the Kaiser 5 is not to be sniffed at. They're always up there in our ranking of the most comfortable boots of the year.

The folded tongue is something of a relic, but in our opinion it wouldn’t hurt to see a modern boot bring this feature back to life. These boots are a bit on the weighty side, but they aren’t built for speed, they’re built for pure finesse.

The Mundial FG uses a PU outsole for durability, whilst the Kaiser 5 FG uses a triple-density nylon. Both the World Cup and Kaiser 5 soft ground versions use a classic 6-stud formation.

Who wears adidas Classics?

The better question is, who wore adidas Classics? The Copa Mundial and World Cup don’t often feature in the modern game, but they were notably worn during the ‘80s and ‘90s by iconic players such as Maradona, Beckenbauer, Pelé, Cruyff and even a young Zinedine Zidane.

Models available now

The models available now, are the same as they’ve ever been. The Copa Mundial and cheaper Kaiser 5 edition are available in FG and TF options. Black only, obviously.

The World Cup is the SG version of the Copa Mundial, and you can also grab the Kaiser 5 for soft ground too.

There are no alternatives and there are no replacements for these classic boot designs, the only thing you can do is compare and find the cheapest price online with us.

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We hope that this guide has given you some steer as to which adidas boot model can take your game to the next level! Go, get out there and do the business.

Remember, you can compare prices to get the best deals on every boot in the adidas range and more, with FOOTY.COM.

Author Image of Kevan Thorpe
Quintessential grassroots journeyman. I've had more "you look like Gareth Barry" comments than I have career goals.
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