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7 best CR7 football boots - ranking the Chapter collection

CR7’s signature ‘Chapter’ collection includes some truly stunning Mercurial designs. Let’s rank them.

cr7 chapter 7 mercurial boots

Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7. Good ol’ fashioned Ronnie. Whatever you call him. Whether you love him, hate him, or unashamedly want to be him, there’s no question that we’re talking about one of the greatest players to ever step onto a football pitch. His 5 shiny Ballon d’Or’s can certainly attest to that. 

Unfortunately, like most people, I’ve gradually accepted that I’ll only ever emulate the Portuguese legend through a PlayStation controller. Ronaldo has reached heights which perhaps no man will ever surmount, with a bursting trophy cabinet and more broken records than I can be bothered to count. He even has his own underwear range, for crying out loud. 

But there’s hope. For those dreaming of shooting for the stars and following in Ronaldo’s footsteps, you’ll want to grab a pair of his incredible signature CR7 boots. The only hard part is deciding which ones to go for.

What Boots Does Cristiano Ronaldo Wear?

Ever since he broke into the Sporting Lisbon first-team, Cristiano Ronaldo has exclusively worn Nike Mercurials. In fact, he’s inevitably ended up as the poster boy for Nike’s most innovative silo, which is perhaps one of the main reasons it’s become so popular - much like the Messi-approved adidas Nemeziz.

cr7 nike mercurial safari football boots
The ‘Safari’ Vapor Superfly 2 was Ronaldo’s first official signature boot. Image from Nike.

From the Portuguese capital to Manchester, Madrid and finally Turin, the Mercurial has quite literally stayed with Ronaldo every step of the way. It’s been there throughout successful Premier League campaigns, Champions League finals and Ronaldo’s unforgettable triumph at Euro 2016. In short, Ronaldo and the Mercurial is a partnership which makes Xavi and Iniesta look completely at odds with one another.

Since this relationship runs so deep, it’s really no surprise that Nike have always placed a focus on honouring their star asset. The result is (fortunately for us) a collection of absolutely stunning signature-edition Mercurials. Of course, each one is appropriately awash with unique CR7 detailing, which is why these boots are ideal for Ronaldo super-fans.

How Many CR7 Boots are There? 

A lot. Cristiano Ronaldo has been around for a long time, which means he’s obviously worn more than his fair share of boots. More importantly, Nike have been producing his own line of signature boots for almost 10 years now, with the first edition of the CR7 series coming way back in 2010. 

The releases have been coming thick and fast, too. Each new boot pays homage to one of Ronaldo’s achievements or a particular career milestone. Since we’re talking about the most decorated footballer of all-time here, sometimes it feels as though Nike genuinely have a hard time keeping up. 

And so do we. There are now so many boots included in the CR7 Mercurial collection, things quickly get confusing when deciding what you should be buying. Luckily, I’ve put together a quick timeline of all the major CR7 boot releases, so that you can keep up with what’s actually out there: 

Date Model Colourway
2010 CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 Safari


CR Mercurial Vapor Superfly 3

Black Safari


2012 CR Mercurial Vapor 8 CR7 ACC


CR Mercurial Vapor 9





CR Mercurial Vapor 9


CR7 Mercurial Superfly 4

Gala Black

Rare Gold




 CR7 Mercurial Superfly 4

Chapter 1 - Savage Beauty


    CR7 Mercurial Superfly 4

Chapter 2 - Natural Diamond

Chapter 3 - Discovery

CR7 Mercurial Superfly 5



CR7 Mercurial Superfly 5


Chapter 4 - Forged for Greatness

Chapter 5 - Cut to Brilliance



CR7 Mercurial Superfly 5

Quinto Triunfo

CR7 Mercurial Superfly 6

Chapter 6 - Born Leader

China: Special Edition

Chapter 7: Built On Dreams


CR7 Mercurial Superfly 6


CR7 Mercurial Superfly 7



Can’t decide? The new ‘LVL Up’ Mercs feature all of Ronaldo’s most famous colourways. Image from Nike.

Which Surface Types are Available?

You’ll be pleased to know that CR7 boots are available for all kinds of different surfaces, as well as in children’s sizes. Below are some quick examples of which CR7 boot models are suitable for each surface, just in case you were thinking of rocking up to Powerleague in a full set of metal studs. Not a good idea. 

Firm-Ground: Nike Mercurial Vapor, Superfly and Victory FG

Soft-Ground: Nike Mercurial Vapor and Superfly SG

Artificial Ground: Nike Mercurial Victory, Mercurial Veloce AG

Astroturf: Nike MercurialX, VaporX, SuperflyX.

Indoors: Nike MercurialX, VaporX, SuperflyX. 

This might all sound a little confusing, especially for parents who just want to find a good pair of boots for their kids to play in. Don’t worry, though, you can check out our surface type guide if you’re not sure of exactly which Nike Mercurial to buy.

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Top 7 CR7 ‘Chapter Collection’ Boots: Which One is Right for You?

CR7 boots are incredibly popular. Ronaldo has got millions of fans all over the world (even the most devoted members of the Messi fan club appreciate how good he is), which means that his signature Mercurials have always absolutely flown off the shelves. In short, it can be very difficult to actually get your hands on a pair, particularly the early editions. 

The iconic “Chapter Collection”, however, is much more commercially available, since these boots thankfully weren’t released in limited quantities. Split into 7 parts and spanning 3 boot generations, this CR7 series tells the story of Ronaldo so far: from his emergence at Sporting Lisbon to his arrival at Juventus. 

But which of these boots is the best? Naturally, I’ve put together a top 7 for you. Any other number just wouldn’t be appropriate.

7. CR7 Chapter 4: Forged for Greatness

Image from Nike.

Boot models: Nike Mercurial Superfly 5

Other options: Mercurial Vapor 11, Veloce 3, Victory 6, Vortex 3


During his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo transformed from a skilful, sometimes infuriating winger into the best player on the planet. These boots pay tribute to the way his abilities were moulded under Sir Alex Ferguson, with the molten orange and metallic grey colourway representing a hot iron forge. 

His famous switch to the number 7 shirt is also referenced in the “CR7” lettering, alongside smaller Roman numeral detailing on the heel. Although it’s a cracking part of his story, they just aren’t as pleasing on the eye as the other boots in this collection. In fact, the dreary grey colourway is probably more symbolic of Manchester’s overcast skies than anything else. 


Just like every other Mercurial, the Superfly 5 is built for speed - something which Ronaldo has always had in abundance. The All Conditions Control technology means that (you guessed it) the boots are suitable for both wet and dry conditions, while the Flyknit upper and Dynamic Fit collar wrap nicely around the foot. It’s essentially like wearing a pair of socks out onto the pitch. 

The Superfly 7 has just been released, so these boots are a couple of generations behind and don’t feature the ground-breaking 360 wrap of modern Mercurials. However, this also means you can now bag them for a heavily discounted price, which is what I always like to hear. 

6. CR7 Chapter 7: Built On Dreams

Image from Nike.

Boot model: Nike Mercurial Superfly 6

Other options: Mercurial Vapor 12, MercurialX, Kids


Much like Game of Thrones, the ending to CR7’s “Chapter Collection” felt a little underwhelming. This is the culmination of one of the greatest footballing stories ever told and, while the red and silver gradient is okay, I had always held out hope that Nike would end the series with a real bang. 

Having said that, these boots act as a celebration of Ronaldo’s entire career, with subtle detailing paying tribute to his unrivalled legacy. The colourway is undoubtedly eye-catching, too, and these are the only boots in this collection not to feature CR7 branding within the design. It’s a decent-looking boot, but Nike have done much better in this collection.  


Since these are the final boots in the collection, they inevitably use the most recent boot model. The Superfly 6 has recently fallen a generation behind, but it still utilises the innovative 360 Mercurial silhouette which most other boots in this collection are lacking. 

Ultimately, this means the boots provide an even greater sock-like fit than previous editions. The one-piece upper completely wraps around the foot, ensuring wearers can comfortably sprint and change direction at speed. About as cutting-edge as football boots get these days.

5. CR7 Chapter 3: Discovery

Image from Nike.

Boot models: Nike Mercurial Superfly 5,

Other options: Mercurial Vapor 11, Veloce 3, Victory 6, Vortex 3, Proximo 2


Nike are retelling the famous tale of how Ronaldo was discovered by Manchester United. The vibrant “Seaweed” and “Volt” colourway reflects the colours of Sporting Lisbon’s home kit, which is what Ronaldo was wearing as he tore United to pieces in a pre-season friendly.

He was also wearing a pair of Mercurial Vapor 1 boots on that fateful day, which is referenced in a subtle wave graphic on the lateral side. Inevitably packed with CR7 branding, these boots represent the day Ronaldo truly burst into life and had United players begging Fergie to sign him. You can even find the date -06/07/03- stitched on the heel.


The “Discovery” boots are built around the older Superfly 5 model, which means they’re a slightly cheaper option for any CR7 fans out there. Boasting the usual Flyknit upper and carbon fibre soleplate, these boots are perfect for bursting past defenders, flying down the wings, and basically attempting your own Ronaldo imitation. 

Of course, they perform just as well as the other Superfly 5’s in this list, so your choice of boot will entirely depend upon your design preference.

4. CR7 Chapter 5: Cut to Brilliance

Image from Nike.

Boot model: Nike Mercurial Superfly 5

Other options: Mercurial Vapor 11, Veloce 3, Victory 6, Vortex 3, Proximo 2. 


Developing from a rough diamond into a rather sparkly, polished gem, the “Cut to Brilliance” boots are inspired by Ronaldo’s £80million move to Real Madrid. A reflective upper and sharp diamond graphic combine to create this gem-like appearance, sitting atop a crisp white colourway which references Los Blancos. It’s very pretty indeed. 


Chapter 5 is another CR7 boot modelled around the Superfly 5, so it includes the same ‘Speed Rib’ technology, Flyknit upper and light-weight soleplate. In fact, Ronaldo actually wore these regularly for Madrid on his march to a Champions League and La Liga double, which is perhaps the best proof of performance there is.

3. CR7 Chapter 1: Savage Beauty

cr7 nike mercurial chapter 1 savage beauty boots
Image from Nike.

Boot model: Nike Mercurial Superfly 4

Other options: SOLD OUT


Now this is a football boot. Featuring a design I’ll never be cool enough to pull, the first addition to the ‘Chapter Collection’ also happens to be one of the best. I mean, it’s a football boot covered in molten lava, what more can you really ask for? 

This vibrant graphic flows over the toe box and beautifully complements the famous Swoosh, before gradually fading into a deep shade of black. Rather than trying to say that these boots are inspired by Ronaldo’s fiery personality (which would be incredibly lame), Nike have instead drawn inspiration from the volcanic island of Madeira -- the place where baby Ronnie was born. Sadly, there’s no cake involved. 


These are the oldest boots in the collection, so the boot tech may seem a little out of date by today’s standards. The Superfly 4 was seen as one of the most cutting-edge boots on the market back in 2015, with a more responsive soleplate, improved traction system (more studs) and a new Flyknit weave introduced to increase the wearer’s speed. 

Such is the world of football boots, however, four years is a very long time, and these boots are now lightyears behind the revolutionary Mercurials of today. But, where this boot may be lacking in performance, it more than makes up for in appearance, which is why it’s so high on this list.  Good luck getting hold of a pair of these, though, they unfortunately sold out a very long time ago. 

2.CR7 Chapter 2: Natural Diamond

natural diamond mercurial supefly cr7 boots
Image from Nike.

Boot model: Nike Mercurial Superfly 4

Other Options: SOLD OUT


These boots are just beautiful. In fact, they’re so beautiful, you’d do very well to actually get your hands - or feet - on a pair. This part of Ronaldo’s story is all about his early days as a Sporting Lisbon player, with the rocky-textured heel counter symbolising the challenges he had to face, before smoothing out towards the toe box. 

The glorious Ocean Blue colourway represents his journey across the sea from Madeira to Portugal, and the design literally shimmers and sparkles around the contrasting Swoosh. To be completely honest with you, I don’t really care what these boots represent, all I know is I’ll always regret not buying a pair. 


Still in the early days of the ‘Chapter Collection’, these boots unfortunately suffer from the same issue as Chapter 1: they’re a little out of date. Just like the “Savage Beauty” design, this is modelled around the Superfly 4 and has now fallen behind the endless wave of new football boot releases. 

If it wasn’t for its inferior boot tech, then Chapter 2 would almost certainly have climbed to the top of the list.

1. CR7 Chapter 6: Born Leader

Image from Nike.

Boot model: Nike Mercurial Superfly 6

Other options: Mercurial Vapor 12, MercurialX, Kids


Although he might be ultimately remembered for his ruthless finishing, dipping free-kicks and line of branded underwear, Cristiano Ronaldo has also become a natural leader on the pitch. Nike’s ‘Born Leader’ boots represent his role as captain of Portugal, a responsibility he has carried for more than 10 years now. 

Bearing the traditional colours of the Portuguese flag, this is undoubtedly one of the most attractive boots of the collection. The typical CR7 branding has been replaced with a golden “C”, which represents captain, country and, of course, Cristiano all in one go, while the national crest can be found on the heel counter. Tidy stuff from Nike.


Out on the pitch, these boots provide the same high performance as Chapter 7, taking advantage of Nike’s infamous 360 Flyknit wrap and fitting like a tailored glove. Just like any other Mercurial, these football boots are built for speed, power and acceleration, but this model stands head and shoulders above older releases. 

Chapter 7 boasts the same tech but was let down by an underwhelming design. Chapter 2 has a gorgeous design but out-of-date boot tech. Chapter 6, however, combines a stunning design with some of the most innovative features found on the market - even if it’s since been superseded by the Superfly 7. 

In short, if you’re going to splash the cash on CR7 boots this season, then these offer the best value for money. 

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If you don’t agree with my boot choices, then feel free to let me know your favourite CR7 ‘Chapter’ boot in the comments!

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