The Red Devils

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Actions speak louder

In terms of raw talent, no one can deny Belgium. A generation of players has come together to form a team that, on paper, can go deep into the World Cup. The problem has been translating this incredible potential into cold, hard results. This time around it’s time for actions to speak louder than words, and after a couple of promising but ultimately flawed attempts in recent years, there are no excuses.

There’s a lot to like about Belgium’s new shirts, starting with the home and an argyle pattern bringing back the classic 1984 look. A red collar tops off a design which looks as good off the pitch as it does on it. The away shirt is a gorgeous shade of yellow, with the quality detail of a red stripe in amongst the three stripes on the shoulders of the shirt. Belgium are unbeaten since they crashed out of the Euros at the hands of Wales, what a story it would be if they continued that streak to truly banish their demons once and for all.