La Celeste y blanca - The White and Sky Blue

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Climb the mountain

4 years ago in Brazil, Argentina made it all the way to the final despite numerous doubters. All their wins in the tournament were either by 1 goal or on penalties, a testament to how they were able to grind out results no matter the opposition. It helps to have the greatest of all time in your midst, and Lionel Messi quite literally dragged his nation to Russia at the last hour. If they want to climb the mountain again, every ounce of strength will be needed, along with a generous dose of magic once again from La Pulga.

The kits Argentina are bringing to the World Cup are both great designs. For the home, adidas have gone with a look inspired by the Copa America winning side of 1993. Far from being a simple retro callback however, the famous light blue stripes are actually made up on chunky pixels, a clever and effective design choice. Then for the away shirt Argentina are bringing a magnificent black shirt, with a pattern similar to that of Colombia. However high Argentina climb, they will look great doing so.